February 17, 2012

Texas Drought Sparks Water Well Drilling Frenzy

In the Central Texas town of Spicewood, near the much-diminished Lake Travis, a Bee Cave Drilling crew used a 35-ton, 40-foot-tall drilling rig to create a hole 350-feet deep in the yard of a home.


After the hole was drilled, workers put a casing down it and sealed the area with cement, creating a water well that would allow the homeowners to collect groundwater and avoid relying on the public water system for irrigation.

As the most intense drought in state history drags on, plenty of Texans are waiting for months to have such wells drilled, fearful that their municipalities could impose stricter limits on water use. But this increased demand is causing concerns that groundwater in some places will start drying up, and regulators are working on rules to maintain certain groundwater levels.

Read the complete article by Kate Galbraith at The Texas Tribune



The good, bad, and dried out realities of Texas’ water supply – A one year comparison of Texas Lake Levels

While portions of Texas are bone dry, other lakes runneth over. - An Infographic comparison of Texas Lake Levels from 3/17/13 to 3/17/14.
by Water News of Texas

Texas Droght 2-25-2014

Abnormally Dry to Moderate Drought conditions up 20% across Texas in past three months.

Texas' Great Plains region is facing fourth consecutive summer of drought - 92% of Texas is Abnormally Dry, and 67.88% of us are now in Abnormally Dry to Moderate Drought conditions, That's up from 47.17% three months ago.
by Water News of Texas


Drought returns to Houston… Has received less than half its normal rainfall

Cold temperatures this winter have masked drought conditions. Before last weekend's warm-up, the city of Houston was experiencing its seventh-coldest winter on record, according to the National Weather Service.
by Water News of Texas


Texas Drought Map - 11-7-2013

Austin reports the wettest October on record, drought conditions improve across Texas

During the past week, torrential rains soaked the eastern-third of Texas. The official observation site in Austin, Texas had the wettest October on record with 13.28 inches.
by Water News of Texas


Texas Groundwater Districts Face Bevy of Challenges

Neena Satija @nsatija89 reports -- money won’t fix many of the problems confronting the state's groundwater districts, which are facing some of the worst drought conditions in state history and increasing pressure due to popu...
by Water News of Texas


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