April 24, 2012

Sound water management keeps Amarillo’s water supply in good shape

In a recent interview with WATRnews.com reporter Hugh Wynn, Emmett Autrey, the Director of Utilities for the City of Amarillo took the opportunity to show off a wooden pipe that workers ran across by accident during a utility excavation in the western part of Amarillo.  This historic pipe was made out of Cypresswood and could have been used 150 to 200 years ago.

Mr. Autrey also discussed the Amarillo water supply, including the lack of surface water in Lake Meredith and how the City will be dependent on groundwater.

“The City of Amarillo is in very good shape”, Audrey says.  “The city owns half a million acre feet of water rights in the area”, including a conjunctive use project between the City of  Amarillo and the Canadian River Municipal Water Authority (CRMWA).  The Conjunctive Use Groundwater Supply Project developed by the CRMWA consists of a field of 28 wells — expandable at a later date to as many as 45 wells — located in western Roberts and eastern Hutchinson counties in the Texas Panhandle. “We’re just thankful that CRMWA had the foresight to go to conjunctive use” because without it “we would have a very serious [water supply] situation” explained Autrey.



Texas Panhandle communities may run out of water in 90 days

Lake Meredith and White River Lake are at 0 percent full. Lake J B Thomas is only at 1.1 percent. Many of these communities may run out of water in just 90 days.
by Water News of Texas

Senator Kel Seliger

Senator Kel Seliger: Voters of Texas must approve Prop 6 and continue to conserve water

We must approve Prop 6 to make new money available to cities and local groundwater conservation districts in addition to promoting continued conservation
by Water News of Texas


Despite beneficial rain, 99% of Texas remains abnormally dry. Severe and Extreme drought conditions improve.

Beneficial rains bring some improvement, but a drought comparison of 2012 levels shows we have a long way to go.   The US Drought Monitor‘s website says “2-4 inches of rain was widespread in the central to nort...
by Water News of Texas


Texas Drought 3-26-2013

Another dry week as drought conditions worsen across Texas

In Texas, another relatively dry week resulted in various small-scale adjustments to the drought depiction. Six-month Departure from Normal Precipitation are on the order of 8-16 inches in much of eastern Texas.
by Water News of Texas


Wet snow helps ease drought conditions in the Texas Panhandle

Improvements were also made in the Texas panhandle where a wet snow event helped to ease drought conditions somewhat with a category improvement to the areas of the greatest precipitation
by Water News of Texas


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