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November 5, 2013

Proposition 6 approved by voters

The constitutional amendment providing for the creation of the State Water Implementation Fund for Texas and the State Water Implementation Revenue Fund for Texas to assist in the financing of priority projects in the state water plan to ensure the availability of adequate water resources has been approved by voters.

The final vote count was 836,395 (73.37%) IN FAVOR, and 303,531 (26.62%) AGAINST – Total voter turnout was 8.47% statewide.

Today, the people of Texas made history, ensuring we’ll have the water we need to grow and thrive for the next five decades, without raising state taxes. Now it’s time to get to work on the projects that’ll help us meet our growing water needs, preserving and improving both our economic strength and quality of life. – Gov. Rick Perry

The Save Water Texas Coalition released a short statement saying “Passage of Prop 6 is great news for water conservation in Texas!” by way of @SaveWaterTX  on Twitter.

The Water Texas PAC posted “Thank you, Texas voters! Proposition 6 has passed! This is great news for the future of our state.” on Facebook.

prop-6-approvedIn a Statement on Passage of Proposition 6, Speaker Joe Straus says “The Texas economy took a big step forward tonight. This vote will allow communities across Texas to secure the water resources needed to foster private-sector growth and economic opportunity. Job-creators will know that Texas has the water supply they need, and towns and cities will be better prepared for prolonged drought conditions.

“This vote proves that the people of Texas will support leaders who are willing to make difficult decisions. It would have been easy to ignore this crisis and allow our State Water Plan to continue collecting dust on a shelf. Instead, a bipartisan group of legislators put forth a responsible plan that the people of Texas have now endorsed. As we address other issues, I will continue to encourage Members to work in a collaborative way to find thoughtful, pragmatic solutions to the challenges that come with our economic success.

“I want to thank the more than 160 House and Senate Members who worked to pass this amendment over the last several months. I especially want to thank Chairman Allan Ritter, not only for his leadership in this campaign, but also for his tremendous work on this proposal during the legislative session. Today’s vote is a fitting conclusion to his years of service to the people of Texas.”


Major County Totals by votes cast

Showing Counties with 12,000+ votes cast

Harris County – 238,343 votes cast – 75.61% FOR / 24.38% AGAINST – Voter turnout 12.02%
Travis County – 83,027 votes cast – 73.80% FOR / 26.19% AGAINST – Voter turnout 13.44%
Tarrant County – 74,656 votes cast – 77.34% FOR / 22.65% AGAINST – Voter turnout 7.80%
Dallas County – 58,792 votes cast – 81.15% FOR / 18.84% AGAINST – Voter turnout 5.07%
Bexar County – 56,312 votes cast – 70.51% FOR / 29.48% AGAINST – Voter turnout 6.22%
Collin County – 36,935 votes cast – 80.85% FOR / 19.14% AGAINST – Voter turnout 8.04%
Fort Bend County – 28,759 votes cast – 75.63% FOR / 24.36% AGAINST – Voter turnout 8.37%
Williamson County – 28,680 votes cast – 71.19% FOR / 28.80% AGAINST – Voter turnout 11.23%
Denton County – 27,372 votes cast – 76.90% FOR / 23.09% AGAINST – Voter turnout 7.15%
Nueces County – 24,666 votes cast – 75.89% FOR / 24.10% AGAINST – Voter Turnout 13.50%
Hidalgo County – 17,126 votes cast – 79.72% FOR / 20.27% AGAINST – Voter turnout 5.63%
Brazoria County – 14,843 votes cast – 74.48% FOR / 25.51% AGAINST – Voter turnout 8.37%
Montgomery County – 14,831 votes cast – 57.77% FOR / 42.22% AGAINST – Voter turnout 5.57%
Lubbock County – 14,575 votes cast – 74.42% FOR / 25.57% AGAINST – Voter turnout 9.59%
Midland County – 13,871 votes cast – 78.76% FOR / 21.23% AGAINST – Voter turnout 19.10%
El Paso County – 13,354 votes cast – 79.06% FOR / 20.93% AGAINST – Voter turnout 3.44%


WaterNewsofTexas - first to report

Follow Water News of Texas on Twitter or Facebook for election updates

Water News of Texas was the first on Twitter to report early numbers for the 2013 Proposition 6 results. Follow us and keep up with the latest Water News from across the Great State of Texas
by Water News of Texas


Passage of Prop 6 Will Transfer Dollars from Rainy Day Fund for Important Water Supply Projects

As the loans with favorable interest are repaid, new loans are provided for additional water projects, creating a revolving low-interest loan program that can leverage the $2 billion into $30 billion over the next 50 years.
by Water News of Texas


Proposition 6 – Frequently Asked Questions

Need to know about Prop 6? We have a list of the most frequently asked questions about the Texas constitutional amendment Proposition 6
by Water News of Texas



With SWIFT (Prop 6) San Jacinto River Authority could have saved $100 million

We can save a significant amount of money for all of the individuals that are paying water bills that are financing this project to make sure they have water for their children and grandchildren
by Water News of Texas


Proposition 6 is not a tax. It’s money already collected by the state.

If Texas does not implement a new water plan soon, Magnolia and Tomball area residents and the more than 10,000 farmers, ranchers and energy businesses in the region, will have a water shortage by 2060
by Water News of Texas


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